Real Name

Zatanna Zatara






Justice League of America

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Chill of the Night!

Voiced By

Jennifer Hale

"Surrender Abra, don't make me say it backwards!"



Zatana Zatara is the daughter of John Zatara, a famous stage magician and Sindella, a member of the Hidden Ones, a tribe of sorcerers. Unknown at first to Zatanna, she had inherited her mother's magic skills and father's heroism. Sindella soon returned to her people in Turkey, and left Zatanna to her father. Together, they traveled the world on a magic act. Zatanna soon lost her father but discovered his diary and created a stage persona of her own.

Most of her acts are basic magic that anyone of the craft can perform. But to make her performances all the more spectacular, she uses real magic in her final act. As a concentration technique, Zatanna says her spells backwards. When Abra Kadabra attempted to ransack the Presto! Treasures of Magic display at a Gotham museum, Batman arrived with Zatanna. Kadabra was impressed but noted Zatanna was just an amateur. He then cast a spell that muted Zatanna, stuffing her mouth with the trick handkerchief. Batman was able to knock Kadabra's wand out of his hand and Zatanna snapped it in half. Now free, Zatanna cast a spell and sucked Kadabra into her top hat. She then pulled out a miniature Kadabra in a birdcage.


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