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Yellow Lantern
Yellow Lantern

Real Name

Thaal Sinestro






Justice Underground

Abilities and Powers

Power Ring

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman

Voiced By




In Earth Three, Sinestro was born on the planet Korugar and grew to become a fearful warrior. His aptitudes made Sinestro a prime candidate for the Yellow Lantern Corps. As a Yellow Lantern, he was assigned Space Sector 1417. He began to believe he was never above the law. In order to protect the innocent, he could follow the rules.

Red Hood was able to communicate with the Yellow Lanterns for help. They sent their best, Sinestro. During the confrontation atop the Eyrie of Evil, Sinestro was among the heroes who were captured and imprisoned. Batman, from Earth 23, freed him and his allies. Sinestro and the Justice Underground set out to liberate the planet.


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