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Woozy Winks

Real Name

Wolfgang "Woozy" Winks






Plastic Man

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Death Race to Oblivion!

Voiced By

Stephen Root

"Hey there pretty cat lady."



Woozy Winks was the bumbling sidekick of Plastic Man. He appears in Death Race to Oblivion and Long Arm of the Law. He appears to have great respect for heroes that are ranked above him such as Batman, Green Arrow and even the hot headed Guy Gardner While often appearing incompetent he is able to follow Green Arrow's instructions to the letter and and although he is not much of a fighter he proves quite useful to Plastic Man.

In the episode Long Arm of the Law he is officially inducted as plastic mans sidekick in a ceremony mirroring Robins sidekick induction. He holds Plastic Man in high regards looking at him as one of the greatest heroes of all time.


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