Woolly Mammoth

Base of Operations

Earth (Stone Age)

Team Leader(s)


Current Members



Anthro, Cave Batman



First Appearance

Siege of Starro, Part One!



The Woolly Mammoth existed 150,000 years ago in various parts of what is now Eurasia and North America. Measuring at heights of 9 to 13 feet, 5-16 foot long tusks, and weighing as much as 8 tons, the mammoth was a formidable beast. It is believed their shaggy fur, body fat, and tusks were adaptations to the cold climate they inhabitated. The fur and fat would insulate them while the tusks helped clear snow in search of vegetation to feed on.

For a time, it co-existed with early man. One even teamed with Anthro to defeat Kru'll the Eternal. Cave Batman also kept a Woolly Mammoth and rode it when on patrol. Both saved Guy Gardner and Ice from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Due to the changing climate and increased hunting by early man, the woolly mammoth went exctinct around 10,000 to 8,000 BC. However, since they resided in sold climates, their skeletons preserved very well and several intact ones were discovered by scientists in modern times.


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