Char 10541-1-

Real Name

Mari McCabe






B'Wana Beast

Abilities and Powers

Animal Mimicry

First Appearance

Gorillas in Our Midst!

Voiced By

Cree Summer



Vixen aka Mari McCabe grew up in Africa with her father, Reverend Richard Jiwe. Her father inherited a magical totem. In legend, the hero Tantu received this totem from Anasi the Spider. Jiwe's half-brother General Maksai tried to kill Jiwe and take the totem for himself. But Mari fled to the U.S. with the totem where she became a super model. As Vixen, Mari uses the totem to give her the abilities of one animal of her choosing at a time.

Some time later, Vixen began dating fellow hero B'Wana Beast. When B'Wana Beast was tasked with protecting Gotham City, Vixen also offered her services. Together, they defeated Killer Moth as he robbed a Classic Jewelry store. B'Wana created a fusion of her two favorite animals, a kitten and horse. Before she could tell B'Wana something, Gorilla Grodd's army invaded. Even with the power of a rhinoceros, she was no match for Gorilla Boss and was tasered into submission. She later used the strength of an ant to defeat him, as they can lift 10 times their own weight. After the villains were rounded up, Vixen proposed marriage to B'Wana Beast and he accepted.

Soon after, Vixen was implanted with a Starro clone and joined in the impending invasion. When a ragtag team of superheroes tried to disable a homing signal, Vixen appeared and fought B'Wana Beast. B'Wana defeated Vixen and the team regrouped to a nearby S.T.A.R. Labs facility to examine her clone. However, before a surgery could be conducted, Starro spoke through her and announced a defensive was too late. After the Starro Invasion, Vixen was devastated when she realized B'Wana Beast died while helping save the Earth. The world's heroes offered their condolences to her during a vigil at a newly erected memorial.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Vixen, Mari uses the totem to give her the abilities of one animal of her choosing at a time.


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