Ultra Humanite BTBATB 001

Real Name

Gerard Shrugel






Axis Powers

Abilities and Powers

Genius and Technology

First Appearance

Four Star Spectacular!

Voiced By

Jeff Bennett



The Ultra-Humanite was a criminal scientist and brilliant inventor in the 1940s. His greatest achievement was perfecting the ability to transplant his brain into other bodies. Ultra-Humanite was said to have taken the bodies of film star Dolores Winters, a giant ant, and a genetically mutated albino ape.

During World War II, Ultra-Humanite was employed by the Axis Powers. He established a base on Dinosaur Island in the South Pacific and implanted the local population of Dinosaurs and Pteradactyls with mind control receivers. He also used an albino Tyrannosaurus Rex as a host body. Ultra-Humanite used the army to take out Allied planes which attracted special operatives such as Batman and the Creature Commandos. He was undaunted and planned to unleash the beasts on the world and conquer it for the Axis Powers. The Commandos managed to destroy Ultra-Humanite's remote control which freed the beasts. Ultra-Humanite fled to his compound but was cornered.


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