Tower of Fate


Salem, Massachusetts




21st century

First Appearance

The Fate of Equinox!


The Tower of Fate is the headquarters of Dr. Fate. Believed to be based in Salem, Massachusetts, the Tower exists on the Nexus of Subtle Realms and invisible to others unless Fate summons it. It has neither doors nor windows. A simple spell creates an entrance. While inside, one quickly realizes it transcends time and space and is much larger in size than what the exterior suggests.

Over the years, Fate stored invaluable artifacts and text within to Tower for reference. Most of them are also kept in the Tower to prevent their misuse as they possess powerful magic within them, including a seemingly harmless green skull. The most important object is said to the all seeing Orb of Octorum, which allows Fate to observe any event, past, present, or future.


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