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Tornado Tyrant
Tornado Champ

Real Name

Tornado Champion






Justice League International

Abilities and Powers

Air and wind manipulation Superhuman strength, physical resistance, and speed Self-repair

First Appearance

Hail the Tornado Tyrant!

Voiced By

Carl Lumbly


Red Tornado (father/creator)



Tornado Champion is the son and former sidekick of Red Tornado. After suffering from various software anomalies, Tornado Champion avoided being shut down and upgraded itself with parts in his father, Red Tornado's lab. He planned to eradicate mankind for the sake of the planet's survival. The first stage of his war was to create a massive tidal wave and destroy Coast City. Red Tornado and Batman arrived to stop him once and for all. While Tyrant was fixated on destroying his father, Batman was able to get close enough to implant a special scrambler on his skull. Tornado then destroyed Tyrant and melted the remains.

Powers and Abilities



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