Time Ray




Professor Carter Nichols


21st century

First Appearance

The Last Bat On Earth!


Professor Carter Nichols, based in Gotham City, used his knowledge of Quantum Theory to construct a machine capable of time travel. Nichols called it the Time Ray. It operates by emitting a stream of tachyon particles that can transport any amount of matter into the time stream. Depending on how Nichols programs the main control panel, the matter can be physically displaced into either the past or the future. The trip is not one way. Nichols also designed a beacon that allows the Time Ray to home in one a subject and return it to the present intact.

In the service of justice, Nichols has allowed Batman to utilize the Time Ray on his cases. However, the temporal experiment caught the attention of Gorilla Grodd and he forced the professor to transport him to the future Earth A.D..


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