Time Fissure


Batman, Mongul, Jonah Hex


Naturally Occurring



First Appearance

Dawn of the Dead Man!


Long considered to be anomalies, time fissures naturally occur in the most unlikely of places. One fissure appeared atop the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Batman took advantage of the opening to travel the future in search of a cure to a rare disease. Utilizing the physics of time travel, Batman left a time capsule containing a powerful chest cannon just in case. Another feature of time fissures are their limited availability. Batman's journey to the future became constrained but he managed to return to present time before the fissure closed.

Mongul was able to utilize advanced technology to access a time fissure and teleport whomever he chooses to the present. In need of better warriors, Mongul pulled Jonah Hex from the 19th century and recruited him to find him a champion. In the aftermath, the device was destroyed.


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