Arsenal BTBATB 001

Real Name







Brotherhood of Evil

Abilities and Powers

Armed Combat and Impenetrable Skin

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By

Fred Tatasciore



The Arsenal is a super villain who operates a giant green mechanical body which houses an arsenal of weapons developed to neutralize the Doom Patrol's superpowers. The suit is armed with a machine gun in its right arm, machete in the left arm, a flame thrower in the mouth, electrical energy in the eye sockets, and rocket boots. After their first battle, the Arsenal armed his castle hideout with traps customized to defeat each of the Patrol. They survived and destroyed the Arsenal. The pilot surrendered and revealed himself to be a midget.

Years later, the Arsenal attacked Robotman during a rainstorm. Robotman refused to fight back and wanted to die. The rest of the Doom Patrol and Batman arrived and battled the villain. The Doom Patrol banded together and easily defeated the Arsenal. He sunk into the ocean and resurfaced aboard General Zahl's ship as one of his allies. Batman knocked him out with gas pellets and afterward, he was taken to prison.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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