Theodore Martin "Ted" McGinley (born 1958) is an American actor. His famous roles include Stan Gable in Revenge of the Nerds and Jefferson D'Arcy in Married... with Children.

In television circles, McGinley is known as the "patron saint of shark-jumping" by Jump The Shark founder Jon Hein, due to his historical tendency to join shows that are nearing the end of their runs. Bat-Mite even pointed that out when he used his powers to make McGinley replace Aquaman's voice actor in the Series Finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold Mitefall!. However, his stint on Married... with Children subverted this, as Married...With Children didn't end until the 11th seasonnote , and the series ended due to low ratings and Executive Meddling via timeslot changes. It also didn't help that shows like The Simpsons and Martin were kicking Married...With Children's butt in terms of viewers.

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