Stimulated Emission Light Amplifier
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Crazy Quilt


Crazy Quilt


21st century

First Appearance

The Color of Revenge!


The Stimulated Emission Light Amplifier is a device capable of taking the blue, green, and red spectrum then projecting it as a concentrated laser beam. The amplifier is composed of two pieces, the control console and a converted tank. It became a favored weapon of Crazy Quilt in his bid to paint the world. Quilt first tried to steal it in Gotham City only to be opposed by Batman and Robin. In the battle, Robin reflected the light at Quilt and left him blind. Years later, the Amplifier was housed at the S.T.A.R. Labs Bludhaven facility where it was stolen by Crazy Quilt again. This time, Robin managed to disable the device with the help of some heavy debris.


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