Star Sapphire Central Power Battery


Star Sapphire




21st century

First Appearance

Scorn of the Star Sapphire!


The Star Sapphire Central Power Battery is a large construct created by the Zamarons from violet crystals on their adopted homeworld Zamaron in Space Sector 1416. While this battery is based on the Lantern technology pioneered by the Guardians of the Universe, it is unique by both its crystalline origins but also for another reason. It is said the focal point of energy is the "eternal heart," crystallized bodies of two lovers. This also serves as a symbol of undying love to the Zamarons. While search of the next host for the Star Sapphire entity, the Zamarons arrived on Earth in the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery and hid in the California desert. They intercepted Carol Ferris and pulled her into the Battery where they gifted her with the Star Sapphire Power Ring.


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