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Sea Monster Illusion
Sea Monster Illusion BTBATB 001

Real Name

Sea Monster Illusion




Sea Monster Illusion



Abilities and Powers

Sea Monster Illusion

First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By




Dr. Janus, formerly Josef Kreutz, was once head of the Ministry of Propoganda in Nazi Germany. Years later, he perfected a device to create elaborate illusions of hideously nightmarish creatures by sending a radio message into men's brains and sent them to terrorize various locales. People would see things that weren't there but believe it happened. Janus began testing it in hopes of later stepping forward as a savior with a device that could destroy these monsters. One such test was a sea monster, that resembled a giant octopus, to attack a U.S. submarine trapped on the ocean floor near New York. The Doom Patrol intervened and Elastigirl destroyed the illusion with one of the submarine's torpedos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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