Rubberneck BTBATB 001

Real Name

Perry Skope






Kite Gang

Abilities and Powers

Elasticity, Durability, and Shape Shifting

First Appearance

Long Arm of the Law!

Voiced By

Jeff Bennett



Rubberneck aka Perry Skope is the henchman of Kite Man. Although he has the same super powers as Plastic Man, Rubberneck lacks any intelligence and makes the perfect enforcer. Once Kite Man left prison, he decided to exact his revenge.

Rubberneck followed the Plas family into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and pretended to steal a painting. It was all a diversion to draw out Plastic Man and help Kite Man secure a sample of the hero. After decoding the molecular structure, Kite Man perfected his Theta Ray but required an industrial power module. Rubberneck easily stole the module on the east side of Gotham City and was on his way back to the Franklin Museum when Batman and Plastic Man intervened. Rubberneck escaped with the module and was later petrified by the Theta Ray.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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