Rohtul's Robots
Rohtul's Robots

Real Name

Rohtul's Robots


Zur En Arrh





Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Strength, Nigh-Invulnerability, and Laser Emission

First Appearance

The Super Batman of Planet X!

Voiced By




On Zur En Arrh, Rohtul turned to evil and engineered an army of giant walker robots to help him take over the planet. As tall as a building, the super strong robots have pinchers as hands and can fire lasers blasts from their skulls. A second set of robots, red in hue, are similar but also house quartz mineral, as a fail safe against any visitors from Earth. Each are remotely-controlled by Rohtul. Through a secondary dial hidden in his mouth, Rohtul can also summon his robots. Over the years, Batman has exposed many weaknesses, either through immobilizing its legs, clogging their laser cannons, using the Bat Radia, crashing his Batplane into it, and other well-placed Batarangs.


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