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Rocket Red
Rocket Red BTBATB 01

Real Name

Dmitri Pushkin






Justice League International

Abilities and Powers

Increased Physical Attributes and Armed Combat

First Appearance

Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!

Voiced By




Rocket Red aka Dmitri Pushkin is a kind-hearted and jolly man with a taste for American culture. He has a wife named Belina and two children, Mishca and Tascha. Pushkin joined Russia's national super-guard, the Rocket Red Brigade, to help defend the nation. The program increased volunteers' natural strength and endurance. They were all outfitted with high-tech battlesuits equipped with solar-powered propulsion system, automatic defenses, super-heated plasma blasters, electrified nets, magnetic boots, and mecha-empathic circuitry. Pushkin, as Rocket Red, later joined the Justice League International and was present at a mixer with the Justice Society of America.


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