Psycho Pirate
Psycho Pirate BTBATB 0001

Real Name

Roger Hayden







Abilities and Powers

Negative Emotion Absorption, Psychology, and Technology

First Appearance

The Eyes of Despero!

Voiced By

Armin Shimerman



Psycho Pirate aka Roger Hayden shared a prison cell with Charley Halstead, a former linotyper for the Daily Courier. Halstead masterminded a series of crimes based on emotions. He taught Hayden everything he knew about human psychology and talked about an enchanted pair of items called the Medusa Masks that were recently unearthed. Afterwards, Hayden stole the Masks and incorporated them into his costume and gained psychic powers.

Psycho Pirate became a psychic vampire and preyed on younger minds. However, he knew that the anger seated within Batman would provide him with the most sustenance. He created a trap to lure Batman out by kidnapping the Outsiders and trapping them in an elaborate dream machine. With no options, Batman entered the Dream World and played into Psycho Pirate's plans. While feeding off of Metamorpho, Psycho Pirate worked to undermine Batman's discipline and make him give into anger. Yet, Batman managed to project happy thoughts, overloaded the machine, and defeated Psycho Pirate. He was taken to Arkham Asylum.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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