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Real Name

Paco Tejas






Jaime Reyes

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle!

Voiced By

Jason Marsden

"Detecting high levels of geek."



Paco Tejas is the oldest of four, lives in El Paso, Texas, and is Jaime Reyes' best friend. While walking home from school with him, Reyes discovered the Blue Beetle Scarab. Compared to Reyes, Tejas is much more collected and laid back. He also doesn't share Reyes' love of all things Batman or any other super hero. However, he does enjoy the female variety.

Night of the Huntress!Edit

Tejas and Reyes traveled to Gotham City to explore Gotham University for their college career. Both expressed interest in criminal justice.

Revenge of the Reach!Edit

In his spare time, Tejas' interest lays in video games. Although currently playing the new Blue Beetle game, Tejas prefers the Aquaman one because he has a more clear cut ethos.

Siege of StarroEdit

Some time later, Tejas was attacked by a Starro-controlled Huntress on the Gotham University campus.


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