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Ocean Master

Real Name

Prince Orm Marius






Black Manta

Abilities and Powers

Animal Telepathy, Enhanced Physical Attributes and Underwater Survival

First Appearance

Evil Under the Sea!

Voiced By

Wallace Langham


Aquaman (brother), Mera (sister in-law), Arthur Curry Jr. (nephew), Atlanna (mother)



Ocean Master aka Prince Orm Marius is the older half-brother of Aquaman, king of Atlantis. When their mother Queen Atlanna chose the young Prince Arthur to succeed her, Marius left Atlantis and ceased any contact. Over the years, he thirsted for power and the throne, all which he thought rightfully belonged to him.

As Ocean Master, he continued to plot revenge and teamed up with various partners such as Black Manta to achieve his ultimate goal. Utilizing Black Manta's genius with technology, Ocean Master would use his telepathy to control sea life and lure Aquaman into a trap. Once Aquaman was in their custody, Black Manta quickly betrayed Ocean Master. Aquaman and Ocean Master managed to put aside their differences and stopped Black Manta from destroying Atlantis. He willingly allowed himself to be taken into Aquaman's custody.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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