Monster Society of Evil

Base of Operations

Fawcett City

Team Leader(s)

Dr. Sivana formerly Mr. Mind

Current Members

Herkimer, IBAC, Jeepers, Kru'll the Eternal, Mr. Atom, Mr. Mind, Oom the Mighty

Former Members





Marvel Family

First Apperance

The Malicious Mr. Mind!


The Monster Society of Evil was born when Dr. Sivana recruited alien races, armies, and supervillains to take part in his evil vision of conquest, to rule the universe. While stealing various parts of Sivana's death ray, the Monster Society changed leaders from Sivana to Mr. Mind. However, it was all a ploy hatched by Mind to increase his own power and rule the universe himself. While a de-aged Batman and the Marvel Family fought Mr. Mind, the Monster Society fled their not-so-secret headquarters.



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