Mr. 103
Mister 103 BTBATB 001

Real Name

John DuBrovny







Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

The Last Patrol!

Voiced By




Mr. 103 aka John DuBrovny was once a brilliant bio-chemist until he suffered a mental collapse. DuBrovny gifted himself with the power to control all 103 elements and transmutate himself into them. He took on the name Mr. 103. The Doom Patrol defeated him with an alien freeze ray and the villain was confined in a mental institution. 103 soon escaped, in search of more power. He learned of a 60 year old meteorite on display at the Midway City Museum of Science. It contained a new element that would protect him from the freeze ray.

Mr. 103 occupied a nearby Smith Bros. warehouse and burrowed a tunnel underground with a laser cannon. At the same time, the Chief built a super geiger counter to detect radioactivity and scanned Midway City everyday. For two days straight, he detected heavy radioactivity given off by Mr. 103. The Doom Patrol investigated the warehouse and found a hidden circular staircase revealed by pulling a window shade. Mr. 103 escaped the Patrol and went after the meteorite. In anticipation of his enemies, 103 devised a new form from various elements employed in electronic parts and became a human energy transmitter. He intended to kill the Patrol with deadly sound waves but Robotman shattered the meteorite. Mr. 103 fled the scene with one shard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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