Mirror Master
Sam Scudder BTBATB 001

Real Name

Samuel Scudder






The Rogues

Abilities and Powers

Mirror Manipulation and Inventions

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Voiced By

Tom Kenny



While passing time in a Central City Prison workshop, Sam Scudder discovered how to create realistic holograms with mirrors. Scudder made a daring jail break. After mastering all types of reflective properties and creating various devices, Scudder became a costumed criminal called the Mirror Master. He became a constant enemy of the Flash.

Sometime before Flash was kidnapped by Professor Zoom, Mirror Master bound Batman and Flash in a mirror and laser deathtrap. Batman freed the restraints with a fingertip tool and the Flash defeated Mirror Master by taking a mirror and reflecting the laser into his control room.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scudder had no powers, but developed mirror-based tech that performs feats like brining his reflections to life, shrinking people, and more.


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