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Master Takahiro

Real Name








Abilities and Powers

Martial Arts

First Appearance

Inside the Outsiders!

Voiced By

Paul Nakauchi



Master Takahiro is martial arts master and teacher. He is also the guardian of a rare 14th century katana called the Soultaker, created by the famed swordsmith, Muramasa. Takahiro's dojo training ground is based on the Zen Buddhist design from the Muromachi Period (1392-1568) and features a karesansui sand garden. It is said to represent the abstract and express cosmic beauty. The garden comes with stone arrangements, pruned trees, and white sand raked to represent water. His best and last student was Tatsu Yamashiro.

Yamashiro mistakingly revealed the location of the Soultaker and attracted the attention of the villain, Takeo. Takahiro refused to give the sword over because only a pure heart and gentle mind could properly wield it. In that instant, Takahiro realized his death was necessary as a final lesson to help Yamashiro reach her physical and mental peak. He allowed Takeo to slay him. Takahiro's death continued to haunt her and she and the sword wound up in America. She took a vow of silence and fought injustice to honor his sacrifice.

Powers and Abilities




  • He bears a strike resembles to Master Fung from Xiaolin Showdown and Xiaolin Chronicles.

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