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First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle


Kryptonians are a humanoind very technologically advanced race though their space program was extremely limited. In most of their incarnations they also didn't display any superpowers. Their red sun Rao suppressed the superhuman potential that the Kryptonians had.

Very few Kryptonians survived the destruction of Krypton. Most of the survivors ended up on the planet Earth. Their numbers have been largely increased by clones, humans who have been spliced with Kryptonian DNA, and alternate reality counterparts from different Krypton's.

Krypton had a great civilization based on a planet whose ecosystem and very energies were self-destructive. On their own planet, the Kryptonians were nothing like humanity and crystal life populated the forests. The Kryptonian bodies were as flawed as their planet was. Because of a religious taboo against leaving their home-world, only a few Kryptonians left the home world before Krypton was dying as their planet. On Earth, the Kryptonian bodies would cure themselves of any disease. They would also gain powers that they never dreamed of on Krypton. The Kryptonians may look similar as humans but their DNA is entirely different.


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