Iceberg Lounge


Gotham City




21st century

First Appearance

The Mask of Matches Malone!


The Iceberg Lounge is the Penguin's front to act as legitimate businessman in the public eye. Surprisingly, it soon became the most exclusive and famous night club in Gotham City. One of the eye catching decorations in the Lounge is a giant aquarium holding Hammerhead Sharks. However, it quickly became a center of criminal activity. In a shady backroom, the Penguin plots and conducts various criminal schemes.

When Matches Malone went on an unstoppable crime spree and sent villains fleeing, he briefly occupied the Iceberg Lounge. Black Canary, Huntress, and Catwoman entered the back door and found themselves forced to improvise a musical number for the audience. They were captured and hoisted above the shark. Eager to destroy Batman, Malone spread word of the capture. Two-Face arrived as Batman and confronted the gangster. The battle spilled over to the rooftop where the Lounge's sign collapsed atop both villains.


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