Haunted Tank
BTBATB Haunted Tank 01


J.E.B. Stuart


J.E.B. Stuart


20th century

First Appearance

Menace of the Madniks!



During World War II, a Stuart M3 tank employed by the Allies was possessed by the spirit of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart at the command of Alexander the Great's ghost. While in the Northern African theater, Brown was won over by the tank's user, Lieutenant Jeb Stuart. Stuart communicated with Brown from time to time and even waived the Confederate flag in respect. However, Stuart's team thought he was only imagining the ghost.

Menace of the Madniks!Edit

Decades later, the Haunted Tank was sighted in Gotham City chasing after the elder mobster, Ma Murder. The song "Dixie" was reportedly heard as the Tank jumped a bridge during the pursuit. It blasted Ma Murder's car into submission. It also may be responsible for ploughing through several structures in the warehouse district.


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