Real Name

Gabrielle Doe







Abilities and Powers

Light Manipulation

First Appearance

Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

Voiced By


Halo is a former sidekick of Batman.



Halo was originally Violet Harper was once a criminal sociopath but was murdered by a gang. As fate would have it, Harper was being observed by the Aurakle, an alien composed of rainbow-like energy. Aurakle merged with Harper's body, awoke with amnesia, and was now an otherwise innocent person. Her power is much like a Green Lantern in terms of creating constructs but she can access an aurora of energy of several colors: red for heat, orange for force blasts, yellow for light, green for stasis beam, blue for distortion effect, indigo for tractor beam, and violet for all powers to be used at once.

She chose the new name of Gabrielle Doe and was recruited by Batman to join the Outsiders with the codename of Halo. She later appeared in a mission to stop Kobra from finishing a ritual to bring about an age of chaos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Different powers for each color. in the comics she possessed these abilities
    • Red aura/halo: Heat beams
    • Orange aura/halo: Concussive force beams
    • Yellow aura/halo: Brilliant light
    • Green aura/halo: Stasis beam
    • Blue aura/halo: Holographic distortion effect
    • Indigo aura/halo: Tractor beam
    • Violet aura/halo: Gave the sociopathic personality of Violet Harper control of the body, enabling her to use any/all of Halo's powers.


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