General Ramjam

Real Name



Earth A.D.


Ape Men


Gorilla Grodd (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Above Average Strength, Unarmed Combat, and Warfare

First Appearance

Last Bat on Earth

Voiced By

Dee Bradley Baker



General Ramjam was born and raised among the Gorilla-Men's Communes in the wake of the Great Disaster. Gifted with the strength that is equivalent to an adult male bull gorilla, Ramjam commands the Gorilla-Men's Army across what used to be the United States of America. He can be found anywhere from Florida to the Midwest.

While in the middle of cursing his men for another defeat at the hands of the Tiger Empire, Ramjam was challenged by Gorilla Grodd for leadership. Amazed by Grodd's technology, Ramjam consented to a battle of strength. Ramjam was defeated and stripped of his medal.


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