Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters

Base of Operations

Rocket's Red Glare

Team Leader(s)

Uncle Sam

Current Members

Black Condor, Doll Man, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, The Ray

Former Members






First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!


The Freedom Fighters are a group of American superheroes dedicated to fighting tyranny and oppression spread by authoritarian regimes. During World War II, the group was formed to fight against the Nazi Party. After the war ended, the team remained active to fight the good fight. Sometime in the 21st century, Uncle Sam brought in a new member, Plastic Man, to help them liberate Qward. The others were skeptical of his patriotism but were convinced otherwise when Plastic Man saved their lives and revived Uncle Sam with a special rendition of Yankee Doodle.


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