Real Name







Terrible Trio

Abilities and Powers

Martial Arts

First Appearance

Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

Voiced By

Phil Morris



Fox is a member of the Terrible Trio. After becoming wealthy, the man who would become Fox went after every challenge in the world and spent his money carelessly. Part of his funds were used to purchase property in China. Fox is the de facto leader of the Terrible Trio. The three trained under Master Wong Fei of the Wudang Temple in China. Fox, in particular, joined the school for the thrill of the fight. During this time, he developed a rivalry with Bronze Tiger.

Fox later joined the Shadow Clan, a group of mystic ninja that only can function in the absence of light. He also carries a blow dart gun armed with the 5 Deadly Venoms. Fox came up with a plan to steal the Wudang Totem and combine its power with the Shadow Clan's. In the process, he was transformed into a fox man-beast. Before they could take over Hong Kong, Batman and Bronze Tiger transformed and fought them. Bronze Tiger defeated Fox, but not before breaking his arms and legs.


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