Firefly BTBATB 001

Real Name

Garfield Lynns






Rainbow Creature

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

A Bat Divided!

Voiced By

Robin Atkin Downes



Firefly aka Garfield Lynns grew up in an impoverished section of Gotham City. Eager to leave that life, Lynns turned to crime. He was later inspired by a firefly and took on its motif. As Firefly, The Man of 1000 Lights, he became an enemy of Batman and Robin. From his belt, Firefly can emit bright lights meant to stun those around him. He once kept a pet called the Rainbow Creature and could summon it from the belt, too. During Firefly's Rainbow Rampage, Batman donned a red costume to counteract Firefly's red prisma ray at the Gold Depository Main Vault. Firefly countered by unleashing the Rainbow Creature but Batman then activated his rainbow costume and destroyed it, and took down Firefly.

Years later, Firefly was later seen at a Gotham bar when three Batmen and Firestorm barged in. Firefly and the other super villains proceeded to overpower and kill them. Firefly was defeated by one of the Batmen.

Powers and Abilities



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