Evil Star
Evil Star

Real Name








Abilities and Powers

Immortality and Energy Constructs

First Appearance

Revenge of the Reach!

Voiced By

J. K. Simmons



On the planet Aoran, a man became obsessed with cheating death and created the Star Band. It was a successful in granting him immortality by draining power from the stars but it also compelled the man to commit great evil. When the rest of Aoran tried to defeat him, the man killed everyone. Realizing the band was just as strong as the famed Green Lantern Corps, he took the name Evil Star and vowed to overthrow the Guardians of the Universe then take over the universe.

Evil Star failed and continued to be a universal threat and sought after by the Corps. He recently attacked a space transport. Blue Beetle detected the ship's distress call and went alone to confront Evil Star. While Paco thought Jaime Reyes was talking about the new Blue Beetle video game, he advised him to sap him of his starlight energy. Blue Beetle generated an electromagnetic pulse then beat Evil Star into submission. Per the Scarab's suggestion, Blue Beetle escorted Star to the planet Oa to a waiting sciencell. On Oa, K'ryssma took custody of Evil Star and personally imprisoned him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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