Doctor Polaris
Dr Polaris BTBATB 001

Real Name

Dr. Neal Emerson







Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Fall of the Blue Beetle!

Voiced By

Lex Lang

Your puny Weapons are no match against my awesome power to repel.



Dr. Polaris aka Dr. Neal Emerson spent his post-doctorial life doing research on magnetism and made medical breakthroughs. However, Emerson suffered from a split personality syndrome and his darker personality eventually took control. As Dr. Polaris, Emerson used his technology to allow him to manipulate magnetism and commit crimes. Dr. Polaris uses his magnetic devices to allow levitation, force fields, concussive blasts, attraction and repulsion. Despite the power, Dr. Polaris is considered a second rate villain.

While stealing gold, Dr. Polaris was opposed by Batman. Batman overwhelmed Polaris by activating the self-destruct protocol on his utility belt.

Dr. Polaris later teamed up with Owlman to kill the world's heroes but was defeated. He was imprisoned at Blackgate Prison with the rest of Owlman's allies. Months later, Polaris escaped and appeared in Blue Valley, Nebraska being chased by the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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