Doctor Double X
Doctor Double x

Real Name

Dr. Simon Ecks







Abilities and Powers

Cloning, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Energy Projection, and Science

First Appearance

A Bat Divided!

Voiced By

Ron Perlman



Dr. Double X aka Dr. Simon Ecks made a breaking discovery, the human aura could be enhanced to function outside the body. He then successfully created an energy duplicate of himself. However, the shy and introverted scientist became insane and named his clone, "Double X." Together, they shared consciousness but could make separate decisions. The clone required regular infusions of electrical energy to remain outside of Ecks. Together, they became the criminal Dr. Double X. Ecks wore a costume with a single "X" on his chest while the clone had two.

A Batman Divided!Edit

After Batman and Robin defeated Double X, Ecks had no memory of what happened and became truly evil while serving time in prison. He later infiltrated a nuclear test facility, specializing in nuclear fusion and fission theory. Through careful calculation, Ecks deduced that a controlled nuclear meltdown would release supercharged nuclear energy that would enhance his powers ten fold. Batman arrived to intervene. Instead of Ecks, the energy was absorbed by Coach Raymond and Jason Rusch, who were on a field trip at the time. They tracked down the fused being and kidnapped them. Utilizing a special chamber, Ecks posited that he could drain the energy. It worked and Double X began feeding off of Ecks to increase his size and strength. Rusch and Raymond were cured but decided to recombine and defeated the villian by taking back the energy and blasting the clone back into him...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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