Base of Operations

Dinosaur Island

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Various members


Various Allies


Ultra-Humanite, Gorilla Grodd

First Appearance

Terror on Dinosaur Island!



Long thought to be extinct, the race of dinosaurs continued to live and prosper on an island with strange chronal properties. In 1943, Ultra-Humanite implanted receivers in the dinosaurs and forced them to do his bidding. He also used an albino Tyrannosaurus Rex as a host body. When Gorilla Grodd discovered the island and decided to use it as his base of operations, he quickly domesticated several dinosaurs to use as transportation and infantry. Triceratops proved to be the most subservient, while Tyrannosaurus Rex's were left alone.

When Equinox was reborn as a god, the space-time continuum began to swing violently between order and chaos. As a result, dinosaurs roamed Gotham City until Equinox rectified it.

Powers and Abilities



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