United States of America




21st century

First Appearance

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!


Codsville is a small fishing village in Maine with a population of 14. The most popular dish is Cod-On-A-Stick. The village appeared to be the final stop on the Aquaman Family's cross country vacation. While sampling the local delicacy, Aquaman got a mysterious phone call on Batman's line. Instead of his ally, Aquaman heard the Penguin gloating about his victory over Batman. Fearing the worst, Aquaman rushed his family from Codsville to Gotham City.

General Zahl forced the Doom Patrol to reunite and prove to the world they were nothing but cowards. The Patrol were placed on an island armed with explosives. Miles west nearby was Codsville, also armed. The Doom Patrol had to choose between saving their own lives or saving the 14 residents. They chose to save Codsville and died as true heroes. In honor of the Doom Patrol, Codsville was renamed Four Heroes.


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