Real Name

Mortimer Drake







Abilities and Powers

Theft, Swordsmanship, and Marksmanship

First Appearance

Mayhem of the Music Meister!

Voiced By

Greg Ellis

“Delusional Loon!”



The Cavalier aka Mortimer Drake indulged in exotic and expensive items for his personal collection. When Drake exhausted his ability to purchase them, he resorted to theft. As the Cavalier, Drake went on crime sprees and became obsessed with 18th century Romanticism. He was wanted by Interpol for grand theft, embezzlement, and murder. Like any super villain, Cavalier's appearance is deceptive. His sword is known to emit electric shocks and the plume feather on his hat conceals a steel-tipped dart. Cavalier hatched a plan with Ruby Ryder to gain full access to her billion dollar trust fund through a false kidnapping. Both Batman and Green Arrow arrived and agreed to their first team up to take on the two villains.

Cavalier recently tried to rob a bank. During his getaway, he encountered Batman. Batman defeated Cavalier with a garbage can lid. Since then, Cavalier has been jailed at Blackgate Prison and Iron Heights. He later resurfaced in Gotham City at a seedy bar. Confused by the appearance of three Batmen, Cavalier, nonetheless, prepared to attack. One of the Batmen donned an electrified knuckle and soundly beat him. While disguised as Batman, Green Arrow, faced off against Cavalier and also easily beat him.

Powers and Abilities



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