Black Orchid
Black Orchid

Real Name

Susan Linden






Batman (Allies)

Abilities and Powers

Nutrient Absorption, Enhanced Strength, and Flight

First Appearance

The Mask of Matches Malone!

Voiced By




After living under the roof of an abusive father, Susan Linden married Carl Thorne, a wealthy gun dealer who worked for the billionaire industrialist, Lex Luthor. Thorne stole a weapons shipment but Linden found out. After she went to the authorities, Thorne killed Linden. Philip Sylvian, a childhood friend and botanist, combined Linden's genetic material with an experimental hybrid of animal and plant matter. The being known as Black Orchid was born. She used her newfound powers to fight crime as a super hero.

Black Orchid teamed up with Batman to defeat Poison Ivy. She took out one of the Flower Children henchwomen and disguised herself accordingly. Orchid easily dispatched the Flower Children then punched out Poison Ivy. She disappeared before Batman could even notice.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Black Orchid has had super strength, flight, and can absorb nutrients from the air. She can also generate seductive pheromones.


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