Black Condor
Black Condor

Real Name

Richard Grey Jr.






Freedom Fighters

Abilities and Powers

Cry Freedom Fighters! Powers: Flight and Avian Telepathy

First Appearance

Cry Freedom Fighters!

Voiced By

Jason Miller



When he was only an infant, Richard Grey Junior was lost somewhere in the Mongolian mountains and exposed to alien radiation from a meteor. Grey was found and adopted by a family of condors. He was then found by a missionary named Father Pierre, named Black Condor, and was taught how to read, talk, and write. Some time after, Father Pierre was murdered by Jaspar Crow. Swearing vengeance, Grey set out after Crow. On the way, he discovered the body of Senator Thomas Wright, who looked exactly like him. Grey took on Wright's identity and married his fiancee, Wendy Foster. Between serving the nation as a senator, he fights crime as Black Condor and serves with the Freedom Fighters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



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