Batmen of All Nations

Base of Operations

Batmen of All Nations HQ

Team Leader(s)


Current Members

El Gaucho Impala Knight Legionary Musketeer Ranger Wingman

Former Members





Jokers of All Nations

First Apperance



As stories about Batman and Robin's exploits spread around the world, they inspired men to take up costumed identities of their own and fight crime. Several of these heroes and Batman were brought together by the reclusive millionaire and philanthropist John Mayhew and they founded the Batmen of All Nations. He provided them a private headquarters in the Caribbean.

In addition to fighting crime, the Batmen also participated in community service. They took part in the Annual Masked Charity Ball and raised over $100 million Euros for the Retired Heroes Foundation. While going over the minutes from their previous meeting, the Batmen were presented with statues of the team commissioned by Batman. However, it was a sham and the Jokers of All Nations emerged from them. The Batmen won, but their newly remodelled headquarters was ruined.


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