Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) from Night of the Batmen

Real Name

Bruce Wayne






Batmen of the Multiverse

Abilities and Powers

Worlds Greatest Detective

First Appearance

Game Over for Owlman!

Voiced By



Batman after been transform by Batmite into the Batman (The Dark Knight Returns).



Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) is one of the many Batmen of the Multiverse who came to the aid of Batman in his fight against Owlman. This Batman comes from a universe where he retired at age 45 when the second Robin, Jason Todd, died. The Cold War continues and a gang called The Mutants asserts dominance over Gotham City. 10 years later, the amount of violence and personal demons prompts Batman to come out of retirement. However, the public questions if he is still needed. Undaunted, Batman takes on a new Robin named Carrie Kelly and defeats Two-Face and Joker. However, the government then ordered Superman to put down Batman. Ultimately, Batman fakes his death and leads an underground resistance from his Batcave. He intends to build an army dedicating to restoring order to the world. At some point, he joined a group of Batmen in a journey to Earth, where its Batman was sidelined with injury.



Batman (The Dark Knight Returns)/Gallery

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