Base of Operations


Team Leader(s)


Current Members

Queen Mera, Aqualad, Arthur Curry Jr., Ocean Master


Batman, Justice League International


Ocean Master, Black Manta, Starro

First Appearance

Rise of the Blue Beetle!


Atlanteans is a collective term for the residents of the underwater continent and nation of Atlantis. Millennia ago, Atlanteans were all surface-dwelling humans until the continent sank. By necessity, they used science and sorcery to adapt to life beneath the waves. Since, then the populace of each sity-state has evolved along its own course. Split into several sub-groups, the Atlanteans can be either humanoid, amphibious, or both but all evolved to live beneath the sea. Poseidonians are identified by small fins on the back of their calves and Tritonaians are mermen and mermaids. Those from Shayeris have visible gills on their necks. Poseidonis is the most diverse of all.


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