Ace Chemical Plant


Gotham City


Earth, Earth-23


21st century

First Appearance

Deep Cover for Batman!

"Even when we found your hideout in the Ace Chemical Plant, you fought valiantly."


The Ace Chemical Plant was a chemical factory supposedly in the warehouse district of Gotham City. It was in this very factory that a gang of criminals tried to steal company secrets only to be confronted by the infamous Batman. One of these criminals was in his words years later 'Knocked into a vat of chemicals...or maybe he just fell'. Either way, these chemical bleached his skin white, hair green and lips red turning a normal man into the freak homicidal maniac known as the Joker!


On a parallel earth there was also known to be an ace chemical plant where the villain Owlman did the exact same thing to the hero known as the Red Hood who was using the chemical plant as a hideout.


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